My Love for Children

My Work with children spans almost 40 years where I first worked as a National Gymnastics Coach for Girls Grade 7. During this time, I found a job as a Teacher-Aid support with the Wilson Home Trust. A School for physical and mental disabilities. My training was focusing on literacy, numeracy, communication skills and the Key Competencies, supporting social skills, physical skills and independence.

This then led to me training in Early Childhood learning and development at Kiddies Incorporated Ltd. My love for children then saw me venturing off to America as a Full time Nanny and then back here in New Zealand to continue my passion in childcare.

After becoming a first-time mother, I intuitively went into studying Nutrition, Natural Health and Medicine. This is where with successful prescribing with use of Homeopathy for my family, friends and community, inspired me to take on a 4-year National Diploma which included a 3-year Medical Science Course with ongoing seminars and study groups to expand my knowledge.

During this time, I now had two beautiful children to raise and when my second child started school, I decided to facilitate my own business for what I saw was lacking and much needed in my community. A Dance, Music and Drama Club for pre-schoolers.

As my girls grew up, I emersed myself and my learned skills and knowledge from kindergartens as parent help and all of their sports through to 12 years of age, as their schools Hockey, Touch Rugby and Netball Coach.

Later on, my children and I experience a larger family of 5 children through our blended family environment. The children kept coming and with the past life skills I had acquired, it was more than obvious why. My love and passion for children meant that I thrived on it.

As the children left home, I was given more space and time to focus on my second passion, Homeopathy (Energy medicine) which has been nothing but reconfirming to me of its efficacy, value and place in today’s societies. My own energetic healing capabilities had been enhanced throughout my life and with further studies and interest in Quantum, Physics and Biochemistry have melded effortlessly to compliment the work I do.  Quantum Biofeedback Frequencies has now earned accolade in my work as more and more people open their minds to the possibilities and capabilities of healing using Energy medicine and resonance Frequencies. My clients experiences and outcomes are reassuring, heartening and inspirational and I am so grateful and excited to see the positive changes for others.