Which Membership will suit my needs?

The most important reason for these four options, are that at Higher Health, Michelle likes to work personally alongside each and every one of her clients until the desired outcome is reached. Each of the Higher Health Memberships offer different services intended to take into consideration, your history and present health condition(s).

Each membership (Turquoise - 2 weeks, Indigo - 4 weeks, Green - 26 weeks or Gold - 52 weeks) are also designed to offer you a lot more than value for money. The longer your membership, the less it costs and the more you are gifted to utilise on you and your family and friends.

You have options depending on an acute aliment or chronic illness / disease, or, like many people, you can just have the memberships simply because you love having this amazing personalised healing tool at your fingertips every day to make you feel great and also to prevent Dis-ease and disharmony within your body.

So how do I decide which Membership suits me?

First of all, you need to ask yourself a few questions…….Why? What? And, How?

Here’s a few scenarios……….

Why has everything I have done in the past to treat for example: my” back Pain”, “Old injury flair-ups”, “Dietary imbalances”, Migraines etc not gone away?

Why do my old symptoms keep returning?

I am actually physically well, but every now and then, I feel out of sorts / out of balance / I get seasonal allergies once or twice a year or my fibromyalgia flares up every now and then and I have just learn't to live with it. Am I just curious to see what Biofeedback is and I wonder how I will feel after my sessions?

If I could actually free my life of the “Oh well, I’ll just have to live with it” programed mind-set and actually rid myself from this suffering I've been accustomed too, and start to live in an abundance of health, joy and gratitude again, I wonder what will Biofeedback will do to help to move me to this place?

I’ve had a really sore shoulder for years!!! and my treatments from other specialists is getting expensive and never completely fixed the problem. I’ve run out of options. What will I lose from trialing Biofeedback? (2 weeks free trial)

I wonder how biofeedback will help me lose weight? Or kick this addiction? Or help me sleep through the night? Or heal my leaky gut?........

How much money will I save on all the other Specialist Treatments?

What freedoms will I have knowing I have Frequencies from my own DNA, sent to me whenever I need them for my health?

What will I do with all my extra time knowing I no longer have to travel to specialists as I gain the opportunity to live life and move beyond all previous limitations and expectations?

What would it be like to have my own health in the palm of my hands every moment of every day?

You may have a chronic illness or disease where you have tried every other modality? Conventional treatments have failed and you are still paying off your house, car or debts. You may have needed to get a 2nd mortgage to cover your health costs? Your weekly / monthly visits you have been making for years to your Chiropractor, Acupuncturists, Naturopath, Kinesiologist, Psychologists or other specialists have become a normal additional cost to budget for. Don’t get me wrong! I have been there before and it wasn’t pretty on the pocket! The thought of what I had spent over the years made me cringe! These things are not uncommon, in fact, these days, we all hear of people we know that are absolutely desperate and broke! I know of several people who have traveled worldwide for Cancer treatments at top Institutions and Hospitals and spent $50,000, yet to no avail! Back to square one!

It's time to open our minds and start utilising what our Ancient ancestors taught us, because the technology is right here now.

Gold Membership
Gold Membership 52 weeks

With your Gold membership, Michelle has added in her expertise in Classical Homeopathy to work alongside your personalised Biofeedback Resonance frequencies to compliment and speed up the recovery process of Chronic disease if she feels this is needed. It all depends on what Michelle is treating. Much like Biofeedback frequencies, homeopathy is also an Ancient Energy medicine which brings your body back home to harmony so that your body can continue to heal where it left off. From inside-out and from top to bottom, you will be amazed! Your 3rd and 4th bonus playlists can be chosen by you or changed throughout your 52 weeks.

Other people simply love to have personalised Frequencies sent to them each week. You may not have anything wrong with you, but love the idea of frequencies to maintain your health on every level as a way of preventing dis-ease.

Green Membership 26 weeks

With your Green membership you will have half a year/ 6 months of personal frequencies sent to you. These 26 weeks will start you on your journey to vibrancy in health and a feeling of wholeness. With 26 weeks of working along side you, Michelle can really peel back some layers before working on any chronic issues and to bring about resolve. The choice to go for 26 weeks will enable you to really target and achieve your goals and start to feel the freedom to really manifest your dreams of health, and abundance in all forms and areas in your world. If you don't have any goals, then you soon will! You will be opened up to learn so much about yourself along the way, as clarity and inspiration tickle your creativity to move forward in many positive ways....You won’t look back!

Turquoise Membership 4 weeks

Both the Turquoise and Indigo memberships are designed for those who just want to test the waters for 2 weeks, or get a chance to really activate your awareness and learn more about your body, mind and spirit over 4 weeks. Thats not to say over these few weeks we cant also heal an acute symptom or a sporting injury or some other acute aliment, because there is enough proof in the pudding to see many have had instant results. Pain is always a great way to see how you respond. By choosing these memberships, you get to see exactly what QBT is all about by experiencing the frequencies for 2 to 4 weeks and to see how you feel and what you experience. Life is here to be experienced and we are all learning and growing all the time. You are probably not going to want this kick-start to stop! It's a win-win!

Indigo Membership 2 weeks

I don't mean to distract you, but I have a beautiful example for you to see what Biofeedback Frequencies did for this poor Pigeon... be sure to click on the button before you leave.

Imagine being a pigeon with two broken legs and feet? See what happened in only one day and then progressively over 4 or 5 days using the Quanta Capsule frequencies.

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