Homeopathy for First Aid

By Michelle Boyle
January 19, 2021

When it comes to accidents, injuries and ailments, there are many extremely good Homeopathic Remedies. They are very well-known through extensive experience, which have proven their value in relation to all manner of accidents for the purpose of countering shock, allying pain, arresting bleeding, preventing infection, healing wounds and speeding up rehabilitation. Common coughs, colds and flu's, tummy bugs, digestives issues, food poisoning, stings, bites, allergies etc., are very well taken care of with the use of Homeopathy.

There are now Homeopaths who hold first Aid Courses for beginners which is a really great way to learn the basics of Homeopathy. Having a basic Homeopathic Book and kit at home for your family will never fail you with the many common child related illnesses, accidents and injuries that occur. It does concern me at times that some Homeopathic First Aid book over simplify the art of Homeopathic Prescribing which can very easily lead to a hit or miss scenario. The best book to invest in is one with a Materia Medica and Repertory combined. Once you learn how to prescribe confidently, you will have a new found respect for Homeopathy's efficiency and effectiveness in allowing and assisting your body to help build a stronger constitution and immune system.

For people who are questioning their own health and that of your family's, Homeopathy offers a holistic approach in a time where ill health and the disillusionment with modern medicines / wonder drugs. They are not only suppressants, they cause other problems throughout the human organ systems further down the track, affecting the whole person. I'm of the belief that conventional medicines should be used as little as possible as this causes a breakdown of the immune system. My intentions are not to put down doctors and orthodox medicines. It's their haphazard, uncritical use for minor complaints / ailments; such as using Pamol for fevers, the many brands and forms of paracetamol, their over-use of antibiotics and other toxic medications. These are so often prescribed that the body builds a resistance to them. It is common knowledge now that they have little or no effect when the person has overused antibiotics.

After a short chat with my Homeopath and a couple of doses of Pulsatilla, the pain and inflammation causing the earache cleared up within 24 hours.

My family were bought up on Homeopathy alone after first putting hope in antibiotics for a serious earache, which called for a late-night trip late to A&E. After the first 10-day course failed to improve symptoms, and yet another late-night trip in to A&E, Doctors suggested a second course of antibiotics for my 1 year old, to which I declined. Why would you if the first round failed?

Losing trust in the use of antibiotics advised by Doctors, I set out to learn more about this wonderful system of medicine. I used Homeopathy for everything! Jammed fingers, Fevers, Coughs, Colds and Sore Throats, Childhood illnesses like Measles, Mumps, Chicken pox, Whooping Cough, Burns, Cuts and Bruises, Shock & Grief, Teething & Dentistry, Nausea & Vomiting, Sporting injuries, Travel sickness, Bites & stings…. the list goes on!

Veratrum Alb.
Art by Michelle Boyle.

Having used Homeopathy for almost 30 years now, I have felt the need to share my knowledge and experiences in teaching others a very simple way to use Homeopathy in the home, office and for travelling. Courses are available for those who would like to implement a wonderfully natural system of medicine into their lives.

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