Results will vary according to clients' needs and constitution
  • I saw Michelle at a time in my life in 2007, when I had a huge amount going on, physically, emotionally and mentally. After a series of treatments my life seemed to get even worse, however I feel the remedy she gave me acted to purge me of all my deeply held "stuff" and things did begin to clear quite dramatically for the better soon after that. It often seems that for things to get truly better, we first must clear all resistances, then we get the new paradigm shift and I feel that this is what I went through after the Homeopathy sessions with Michelle. Thank you!
    Tony Knight
  • Homeopathy has really changed my life! My long time physical disability has disappeared and soon after the remedy. I no longer felt the need for my medications which I had been on for years! I'm emotionally back on track and I feel 20 years younger and am leading a much happier and healthier life. Thank you Michelle.
    E. Stevens (65)
  • By far his best improvement has been in his speech and comprehension. I’ll never forget the feeling when my son called me “MUM” for the first time ever! Homeopathy has definitely made our family’s life more manageable and family outings are now a pleasure. It is clear to see that our son has progressed 100% compared to his fellow autistic peers whom he has socialised with for the past 18 months.
    A & E Utterly