About Michelle Boyle

My journey with Homeopathy

Having had over 25 years’ experience and seeing how effective, gentle and non-intrusive Homeopathy is and witnessing the incredible and more often than not, drastic changes attained in people’s lives, still blows me away!

My journey with Homeopathy really began in my 20's with me truly embracing it during my first pregnancy. We lived on a large lifestyle block out in the country. Being so isolated, I began to look into Homeopathy for my family.

I found that the use of homeopathy had far-reaching positive effects throughout both of my pregnancies, childbirths and in treating my babies throughout their various ages and stages of growth, the ailments that came with them and all of their childhood illnesses.

I was so intrigued by this ancient system of medicine, I then started helping people in my community wherever I could. Things like my neighbours who had livestock with Mastitis and animals with behavioral problems and my children's Kindy teacher who suffered from Chronic Menopausal symptoms which were totally diminished by one dose of a remedy.

One teacher had such a severe fear of the preschools pet mouse that escaped one morning. She was terrified and in obvious panic and shock, hence projecting her horror onto the children in the way of shrill screams. One dose was all it took to completely relieve this lady's fear she had had since childhood. She was so excited when she next saw me after taking her remedy, she went and picked up the wee mouse and showed me how in love she now was with this wee creature saying "Look! now I can hold a mouse! "

Imagine having a fear your entire life, that was so easily overcome with one dose of a remedy! I found that Homeopathy was so incredibly effective and really was making such a significant difference in people’s lives, that I decided to start my four year training in a National Diploma in Homeopathy through the Auckland College of Classical Homeopathy (ACCH), New Zealand's first Homeopathic college - Established by the late Derek Briggs in 1984 and alongside him, the Principle of ACCH, Jeannette Bennett.

Their in-depth teachings and supportive mentoring are accredited to my success in treating and eliminating dis-ease in many and various forms. Inspired by what I witnessed in class, later led me to speak at a parents group for parents dealing with Autism and Asperger's. This then saw me treating a family with a Low-Spectrum or low-functioning Autistic boy for one year. The results were amazing in that it showed me that Homeopathy really does have a profound and very significant place in the reversal of Autism.

Homeopathy can help you to overcome.....

  • Allergies, Common Coughs, Colds, Flu, 'Never Well Since' scenarios
  • Common Childhood Diseases, Child Behavioral Problems, ADHD, Bed-wetting
  • Effects or symptoms caused from Inoculations / Medications, Vaccine Damage, Autism.
  • Conception difficulties, Pregnancy (Prenatal & postnatal), Childbirth, Menopausal symptoms
  • Men's issues, Teenage problems. Insomnia, Migraine, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne
  • Cancer, Diabetes, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and other Chronic Disease
  • Physical / Emotional Trauma / abuse (past / present), Depression, Anxiety, Fears
  • Sporting Injuries or physical disability (muscle, ligament, tendon and nerve damage)
  • Stressful Relationship problems / work related issues

Witnessing such positive changes makes my job truly gratifying and I feel very blessed to have Homeopathy in my life and to be able to support those in need of moving beyond anything that may be limiting you in your life. Homeopathy can help you to unveil your true state of living a healthy, harmonious and joyous life again.

I can't wait to meet you!

"In the hands of a true master, Homeopathy holds the answer for the vast majority of chronic disease sufferers….it may seem too good to be true, but mankinds' centuries of searching for a non-toxic, truly curative medicine have finally come to completion in the Homeopathic System"

-Bill Gray, MD, Forward to Homeopathy:
Medicine of the New Man, 1979 (Vithoulksa79)


"Our 5-year-old son was diagnosed with Autism. After a thorough consultation and careful monitoring with Michelle and the introduction of Homeopathy, we have witnessed amazing improvements in our son’s development on so many levels; from improved sleep patterns, eye contact (which was previously absent), gross and fine motor skills and social skills. His behaviour has drastically improved; more responsive, obedient and can follow instructions. He uses appropriate words to express his needs instead of using gestures or pointing. He feels more on a physical level and emotionally he shows empathy, compassion and is happier & content. He recognises numbers and colours retaining new information.
By far his best improvement has been in his speech and comprehension. I’ll never forget the feeling when my son called me “MUM” for the first time ever! Homeopathy has definitely made our family’s life more manageable and family outings are now a pleasure. It is clear to see that our son has progressed 100% compared to his fellow autistic peers whom he has socialised with for the past 18 months".

Andrew & Elizabeth Utterly Auckland, NZ 2010