What can Quantum Biofeedback Therapy assist me with?

The vast aspects of our Physiology, Anatomy and Emotions that come up for each individual person really is quite something! Often old injuries show up to also reveal to your practitioner to show where there is imbalance. Higher Health can test for and is not limited to; Spinal Energy, Digestion, Hormones, Electrical Sensitivities, Organs, Chemical Sensitivities, Glands, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals, Brain EEG, Brain Anatomy, Neurotransmitters, and Emotions. Herbs, Essential oils, Back Flower Essences, Homeopathic Remedy frequencies are also integrated and included in Personal Playlists.

Below is a small sample of what Higher Health has to work with when scanning for your issues, whether they be Physical / Body, Mental / Mind or Emotional / Biofield related.

ADD and ADHD Assessment and Solutions ~ Addiction Assessment and Solutions - Neurotransmitters, Type, Emotional, Thought Patterns, Brain, Nutritional ~ Adrenal Assessments and Solutions - Stress Index Anatomy ~ Akashic Records - Positive Attributes Retrieval ~ Arthritis ~ Alzheimer's Assessments and Solutions ~ Autism Assessment and Solutions Program ~

Bone Density ~ Bone Health Assessments and Solutions for the Anatomy - Arms, Hands, Chest, Feet, Head, legs, Shoulders and Spine ~ Brain Assessments and Solutions for - Brain balancing, Hemispheres and Brain Waves, Cortisol Rhythm and Cranial nerves ~ Brain Clearing - Glymphatic System, Tune-Up and Tonify Program ~ Biocrystals ~ Bioterrain - Viruses / Common Viruses, Biofilm, Celiac, Candida and Yeast, Common Retroviruses, Bacteria, Mold, Enzymes, Glycolysis, pH balance / Acid / Alkaline, Digestive system enzymes, Fungus, Parasites, Correction for food Poisoning, GI Tract, Bowel Nosodes ~

Cancer Rife Frequency Program - We all have Cancer cells within. They lay dormant awaiting the activation or trigger, whatever that maybe. Keep on top of these Cancer cells by firstly assessment, then targeting these cells and related body systems and organs with solutions, to clear and harmonise the stress disturbance/s ~ Candida Disturbance Assessment and Solutions - Alkalize, Remedies, Infections, Parasites ~ Colloidal ~

Diabetes ~ Digestive Assessments and Solutions for your - Digestive Organs, Food plans, Lifestyle, Gallbladder Disturbance, Diverticulitis ~ Divine Consciousness Global Healing ~ Eye Health, Trauma and Vision Disorders ~ Duality of the Divine masculine and Feminine ~ Food Allergy Testing - Cortisol, Digestive, Nutritional and food Allergy and sensitivities testing ~

Hair loss ~ Healing Hidden Infections Assessments and Solutions - Biofilm Disturbance. Biofilm Energetic Solutions Antimicrobials, Enzymes, Clays ~ Healing Hidden Infections in the Immune System Assessment and Solutions - Infections, Parasites ~ Heart Anatomy ~ Heart and Circulation Optimization Program - Cholesterol Assessment and Solutions, Hormone Conditions ~ Heart Health Assessment and Solutions - Vessels, Arteries, Frequencies Affirmations, Frequencies Metaphysical, Frequencies Physical, Essential Oils ~ Herpes Virus Rife frequencies ~ Hormone's Infection Assessment and Solutions - Including viruses and remedies.

Immune Resilience program - Assessment and solutions, Hidden infections, Viruses ~ Insomnia - Cortisol Rhythm, Hormones, Adrenals assessment, Sleep, Solutions ~ Joints ~ Ligaments ~ Matridonial Remedies - Gifts of The Mother, the womb from which all things come ~ Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Assessment and Solutions - Energetic, Anatomy, Remedies ~ Muscles ~ Past Life Emotional Wounds ~ Parkinson's Assessments and Solutions Program ~

SARS CoV-2 and Shedding Assessments and Solutions ~ Skin ~ Spinal Misalignments, Spinal Bone Anatomy and Meridians ~ Stomach Acid Balance Activation ~ Twin Flame - Twin Souls, Soul Mates ~ Tumors - Shrinkage ~ Vessel Health - Assessment and Solutions, Major Arteries ~ Women's Reproductive System - Hormones, Change of life ~ Weight Release Assessments and Solutions ~ Fatty Acid metabolism, Weight release Amino Acids

Choose your Frequency Options to suit your needs

If you have subscribed to Indigo, Green or Gold, you will have the option to choose your bonus playlist/s

Sleep Solutions - This playlist deals with insomnia and Adrenals and includes frequencies for therapeutics and supplements which are well known to help sleep disturbance. Also incorporated are messages / tips individual for each person as to what is impeding or contributing to unhealthy sleep, whether it be too much exposure to EMF's, Emotional causes, Cortisol levels, Hormones etc

Money Magnetizing Program - Frequencies for Manifesting, Clearing Negative Beliefs and Obstacles such as a lack of acceptance, a lack or block where allowing and trusting in the process of experiencing unlimited success, synchronicity plus more.

Home Check and Clear - Let us not forget about our home and living environment! A very thorough playlist of vibrational frequencies will cover a Deep Cleansing Vibrational Upgrade. Clear & Direct Positive Energy to Manifest your Space, Clear Geopathic Stress, Home Upgrade, Clear to Create, Prosperity and Pleasure, Mother Earths Lay lines.

Spinal Misalignments - This playlist will included all Spinal Vertebrae, Meridians and their affiliated Emotions, Affirmations and Solutions (for Injuries to spinal nerves and or trauma / accidents / broken bones, please get in touch with me to discuss your options). Many people are still unaware of the connection between the thoughts and the body. Others are well aware, yet somehow are unable to grasp just what thoughts are triggering their suffering. With this Playlist, you can now clear, transmute and harmonise on both the physical and emotional level

Stem Cell Activation Frequencies - Help with the growth and repair damaged / diseased body tissues. Replace neurons damaged by spinal cord injury, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or other neurological problems.

Past life Emotional Trauma Clearing - If you have any emotions or behaviour patterns, relationship issues, fears or phobias, unexplainable physical issues like pains, palpitations etc, limiting belief systems or unexplained emotional reactions, the root cause may very well lie in your past. These past lives may contain unhealed emotional wounds, imprint of physical traumas or limiting belief systems. The shadow of these energies may be continuing in the current life. By healing these past lives, it brings emotional and physical release, mental clarity and spiritual awareness.

Duality of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine -

Every human being has masculine and feminine energy, but it’s often misunderstood that feminine energy only comes with a woman or masculine energy only comes with a man. If your masculine energy and feminine energy are unbalanced, one of those energies becomes dominant, and you will feel off-balanced in your life and experience negative consequences. The Duality which lies within each of us, both male and female, express both qualities at different times, and seek balance between the two. This Playlist is positively transformative and necessary for the collective in these times.

Akashic Record Retrieval - The Akashic Records are a vast and knowledgeable resource. The energetic collection of imprints. It is composed of past lives, present realities, and future potential for a soul and all life force. As we are coming into this massive awakening of all life on earth, we now have many ways to access this infinite resource. This Playlist is the divine part of you that is waiting for you to tap into where you can witness your own miracles unfold as you clear, release and bring through your innate positive attributes.

Divine Consciousness Global Healing - Lifting the vail of illusion, transmuting negative effects from Earthbound programing and coercion, Unraveling Ego Attachments, Realignment of Human Connection, Love & Relationships, Cancelling Poverty and financial strain, Global Enlightenment, Unity Consciousness and Peace....and much more.

SARS CoV-2 and Shedding Assessments and Solutions (please feel free to chat with me about this vast and thorough Playlist).

Archangel Blessings - For those of you who love to work with your Angels, this is a beautiful playlist that is uplifting, encouraging, inspirational and always in perfect timing and alignment with your journey. The Blessings from the Angels are always relevant to your situation and needs and will bring a smile to your face.

Ascended Masters - COMING SOON

The Will to Live Program - You will feel so much more uplifted, motivated and joyful. This playlist is created for Dissolving and Transmuting Negative Belief Systems, from Self-harmful thoughts, Suicide, and Depression to Banishment of Astral Entities. In this playlist are the frequencies of positive and helpful solutions and super charged affirmations to help harmonise and transmute lower vibratory feelings and energies.

Sacred Geometry Playlist - Sacred geometric shapes are codes, that can reveal deep wisdom, opening up to life and creation of the Universe itself. In addition to our physical realm, it is said we have a “Light-body & Merkabah”, which is a gridwork of light and sacred geometry that brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. This body radiates light energy and links you and you as a multidimensional self, with the infinite universe.

Quit Smoking Success and Ease Withdrawal Program - The addictive qualities embedded into the brain each time a cigarette is smoked, assures the creation of new neurotransmitters in the brain, that remind your brain that.... "it's time for the next nicotine hit". No matter how hard you try to control those thoughts, and then beat yourself up for not being able to stick to your plan to cut back and quit for good, can have detrimental emotional side effects. Not only that, sleep patterns and appetite for the good foods required by the body are greatly affected. Minerals and vitamins are leached and depleted from the body, causing all sorts of dysfunction in your system. This Playlist can help you to ease the pressure of quitting and supplement you with all the good stuff to help you on your path to quitting for good!

If you feel like you need some more some help in deciding on which Membership will suit your needs, you can click here to contact Michelle via phone or Email and we can arrange for a private discussion.