Training Courses

Training courses and workshops are tailored for individuals or groups of between 4-20 people depending on which course you attend.

Homeopathic first Aid for Home

Groups only from: 4 to 10 people. This training course will be 3 hours per evening / weekend, carried over 4 weeks - (12 hours). Some handouts will be available during the course as we go, or they can be emailed at your request. To express interest click on the Contact Button.

This Homeopathic Course for Fist Aid in the home will be jam-packed with invaluable information and will cover up to 40 very useful remedies for you to start building your Homeopathic First Aid kit. Be sure to bring a notebook!

DAY 1: Introduction, History and Principles of Homeopathy. Evaluation and Questions to ask, Dosage and Potency, Taking / Administering the Remedy, Substances that affect Homeopathic Remedies and how to store them, The Importance of Referrals. Where to buy Homeopathic Remedies.

DAY 2: First Aid, External applications, Accident & Injury Remedies, Anticipatory Anxiety Remedies, Burns, Shock, Grief / Bad News Remedies, Travel sickness.

DAY 3: Childhood Diseases, Chickenpox, Measles, Mumps, Whooping cough.

DAY 4: Colds, Coughs, Fevers, Influenza, Earaches, Sore throats.

The next Course will commence in 2022 - Please email me with interest as my courses require attendance of 4 or more people. Future Courses for Mother and Baby, prenatal and postnatal are yet to come, so interest in this course can also be emailed to me.

Basic Lymphasizing

Individual appointments or group workshops of 4 -20 people.

Our lymphatics are the true heart of our immune system.

Lymphatic Miracle Healing


I always get excited when talking to anybody about Lymphasizing, because it's not only fun, but its so easy to learn how to actually keep our immunity functioning high! I first learned Basic Lymphasizing through my dear friend Phil Gruber almost 20 years ago. Phil is a Registered Lymphologist and has taught this simple and effective technique all over the world for the past 25 years.

This is NOT manual Lymph drainage.  This technique is far gentler, and in my opinion, far more powerful.  Phil Gruber.

Most people assume a course in Lymphasizing might be a bunch a people bouncing up and down on a mini tramp! Not so in this case. In this very special short course, we will focus on boosting our immunity and learn the vital role the LYMPHATICS  play in restoring and maintaining vibrant, radiant health and well-being for ourselves and those we hold dear.

We will learn a very special technique first developed by Dr. C. Samuel West, author of "The Golden Seven Plus One" that has facilitated what many would call 'miraculous' healings.  This technique has facilitated the healing of practically anything you can imagine.  It is truly miraculous!

Lymphasizing works to activate our lymphatics, the true heart and soul of our immune system. The lymphatics are at work every moment of our lives, cleansing our bodies of all manner of toxins, poisons and impurities! However, our lymphatics are overburdened due to the over-accumulation of toxins and pollutants we are constantly bombarded with in our lives, thus compromising normal detox pathways. 

Especially now, in this time of existential crisis around the world, it is more important than ever that we remember we all, each and every one of us, have the ability to protect and to heal ourselves, and those we love.

You will learn to use your breath, simple movements and voice-activated commands to generate the electrical current which is to the key supercharging our lymphatics. 

You are going to be talking to a system that hasn’t heard from you before – Not really..... Not like this!

In this workshop we will be learning how to TRULY honor our bodies and get an understanding of the quantum parts of your DNA. We will be signaling every organ system in our body. Our cells, which in fact are a ready and willing community, are all doing their bit to keep our bodies performing optimally. This practice is so beautiful and the wording covers every aspect of health and wellbeing which in turn, brings so much joy and gratification knowing you are helping maintain and heal your human vessel on every level of the field.


Our lymphatics are the true heart of our immune system.

Once you have grasped this technique, you will be able to intergrade Basic Lymphatic Miracle Healing into your daily routine in only 5 -6 minutes, using simple commands from the chart given and also of your choice for other areas of your life you would like to change. Know that you are guaranteed to see, feel and experience results! This is exciting stuff!

*  We all suffer from the ill effects of emotional, mental and spiritual pollution, that affects not only our health, but our ability to manifest abundance, wealth, and happiness! 
*No illness or disease, at any level of body/mind/spirit, can manifest at the level of our physical bodies without the lymphatics being directly impacted! 
*It doesn’t matter where or from whom the healing is sourced. To effect true and lasting healing, you are ultimately stimulating the lymphatic system…. period!  

Lymphasizing is THE most powerful and effective healing technique I have ever come across!

The beauty of learning this technique is that you have a very powerful healing tool for life' which is able to be shared.
 *Anyone involved in the healing arts or who needs healing is welcome to integrate this technique into their practices…and their lives! 
Lymphasizing can also be used for absent/distant healing, as well!

Our bodies and our health are our responsibility! Good things come to those who wait. GREAT things come to those who act.

Maximum of 15 people. North Shore venue / If you have a space for your group, you can contact me so we can discuss your needs and our options. Business / Cooperate training Packages available on request.

Any handouts or paperwork can be emailed to all participants!
Each participant will leave with an A3 wall chart of the process to take home for everyday use.