Quantum Biofeedback Therapy (QBT) and Terahertz Technology

Broadcasting Remote Resonance Frequencies to you and your loved ones anywhere in the world.....
Let’s talk a little about frequencies……

Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates. At the most fundamental level, the universe and everything that comprises it, is pure vibratory energy, manifesting itself in different ways. The universe has no solidarity as such. Matter is merely energy in a state of vibration.

Vibration is a frequency. Frequency is energy, the energy from every living visible, audible and even non-visible and non-audible thing. Some of us can feel it, and others cannot. Just because we can’t hear, feel or see it, does not mean it’s not there. Plant, animal, minerals…..."Everything is Frequency!" Science has proven this over and over and it’s getting more exciting by the nanosecond!

It is important to understand that these bio-fields, subtle-energy fields, channels and bodies, while seemingly surrounding the human body, also interpenetrate it. 

Our response to frequencies come from all sorts of things. The ones we are most familiar with are visible light to see (as this is the wavelength of light that penetrates furthest through our atmosphere) and sound waves in the air that we perceive as music or speech or noise. They are measured in cycles per second, usually abbreviated as Hertz or Hz (in honor of the late 19th-century German physicist Heinrich Hertz, who did important pioneering work in the field of electromagnetic wave theory. 

Remote Frequency Therapy works in partnership with your own innate intelligence

The hearing range of a human is limited to 20 Hz up to 20 000 Hz (20KHz). Humans are unable to hear any sound outside of this range so frequencies under 20 Hz are classed as infrasound (‘below sound’) and any frequency above 20 000 Hz is known as ultrasound(‘above sound’).

Whilst, women and young children can hear that high, a middle-aged man is lucky to make it much past 13-14kHz.
Your grandfather needs his hearing aid because his capacity to hear fully is greatly reduced by 3kHz. That’s why he’s always saying, “Huh?” Your pet pooch gets to 40k, easily, which is why ‘dog whistles’ are inaudible to humans. Bats fly around at night with unmistaken precision by using their super hearing as organic ‘sonar’…. they judge their location/position by analysing reflected sound waves around them. Bats can hear as high as 80kHz!

Although as our scientific knowledge has advanced over what seems like a very long period of time, we have gone on to discover the entire electromagnetic spectrum of light. When Heinrich Hertz discovered radio waves in 1887, he made a statement of his discovery, “It’s of no use whatsoever.” Of course, we now use radio waves and microwaves to send information all over the globe at the press of a button. But what if it was possible to talk to another person on the other side of the planet without needing a mobile phone or the internet? As the loudest creatures on Earth, this is what sperm whales can do by using sound / sonar frequencies. Animals are definitely more tapped into frequencies than we as humans are. Animals sense disruptions to their field through frequencies of atmospheric conditions, vibrations, sounds and magnetics of the earth although prior to disasters like floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This is changing as more and more people open their minds to new possibilities within and without, beyond what is limited to only what is visible, audible and physically felt by human beings.

Higher Health is now offering Quantum Biofeedback Therapy. This is where you can have Biofeedback Resonance Frequencies sent remotely straight to your Phone or Tablet, anywhere in the world!

Our DNA is an antenna ready to pick up any frequency that you are ready to send out or bring in.

It is constantly influenced by self-talk

  • Biofeedback is like information medicine which by using mathematical algorithms, measures, evaluates and restores from your own DNA, your voice. You can look at it as a wave length that transfers vibrational energy
  • Biofeedback frequencies resonate to work in partnership with your own innate intelligence to assist your body's own healing abilities, and is also used as a preventative tool
  • QBT is an energetic check / test to show all energetic patterns and where they are heading and in many cases, where they have stemmed from i.e. cellular memory or a past injury
  • QBT compares your biological and molecular resonance which are frequency specific, to the frequencies that are programmed in your QBT Practitioners system
  • This system does not diagnose, but very specifically, evaluates the stress disturbances throughout your own internal and external energetic field. This then shows your QBT practitioner where blocked energy lies within your body's cellular memory / etheric fields. You will be amazed at what comes up!
  • This blocked or imbalanced energy can be shown throughout your personal Aura image which is taken from your photo
  • Simply put, QBT dissolves disharmony and returns us home to health, wellness, joy and abundance in every sense of the word

Be prepared to re-evaluate why it is, that you are spending so much of your precious time and money on sometimes weekly / monthly appointments for aliments and problems that are ongoing and over years of treatments! I understand what this is like, as I have spent thousands over the years using various modalities to no avail. You now have the opportunity to take your health into your own hands and to look at your health from a brand new perspective using your unique, "in the now" DNA Frequencies which are personalised and just waiting for you discover who you truly are as a being of light, sound and vibration. No more travel to doctors appointments, Chiropractic Treatment, even kinesiology and Acupuncture and so on...... You can take your own health back everywhere you go

Seeing your own before and after Aura images really is something very special! Personal images using algorithms from your uploaded photo is analysed to give a reading of your Auric field. Each Energy Centre / Chakra relates to the locations where the body is both in harmony and showing disharmony or blockages. This enables your QBT Practitioner to see where the shifts have been made and what harmonising has been achieved to the various energy vortexes.

Manu - Read about Manu and how Biofeedback helped her in just a few days! Her before and after Aura photos are amazing! Click on the Green link below:

  • The Quanta Capsule is an app / container / pod that holds your own unique and personalised Quantum Biofeedback Frequency playlists which are transported / broadcasted remotely to you from your QBT Practitioner from an App on your Phone / Tablet
  • Through your Quanta capsule, you can simply send your new voice and picture to your health practitioner for each new playlist.
  • Your Frequencies work in partnership with your own innate intelligence to dissolve disharmony within your energetic fields and bring balance and harmony to you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically
  • The Capsule can contain 2 or more frequency playlists for you to lap up every day for you and your family in the way of a sound bath, and within the Quanta capsule is a choice of 7 different Fractals to enhance your experience
  • It works from anywhere in the world from your Smart Phone / Tablet (Not Desk top PC’s or Laptops) as it has been designed for you to have your frequencies on hand 24/7
  • The Quanta Capsule is automated, so you can take it with you wherever you go and is designed to have your personal Biofeedback Frequency Playlists sent when desired by your QBT Practitioner
  • The Quanta Capsule App is a one off / lifetime purchase of Approximately $105NZD if you decide you like it after your trial expires
  • Frequencies are beautiful to listen too and can be left running with or with the sound and Flight Mode on or off
  • This system is the only (patented) technology that uses algorithms from your own voice. Algorithm's will also be used from your birthdate and photo (as everything is a frequency)
  • Your Before and after personal Aura Image is also emailed to you
  • Download the App using the link further down this page, or click on the Contact Michelle Button below
  • Register as a new user giving your practitioners full name (Michelle Boyle). Once this is done you can arrange to have a chat with Michelle about your needs and your first scan by making an appointment with Higher Health below


Here's an option you'd be crazy to turn down! For those of you constantly requiring those tiring trips back and forth to your Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Kinesiologists, Dietitians and Doctors of all kinds. Not to mention the back-log at all of our Hospitals now.... This is not only stressful, time consuming and hard on your pocket, it's ongoing!! and to many, never seems to end.

So......Higher Health has a Gift for you !

Higher Health's Gift for you is a 14 Day FREE trial for Quantum Biofeedback Therapy (QBT) and is available for you to see, hear and feel and experience the sensations of this amazing technology for yourself. The use of these frequencies will shift your world in a amazingly positives ways. Higher Health invites you to use 2 playlists completely for free for 14 days. All you need to do is download the App at the Green Buttons below and experience the Frequencies every day for two weeks. If within the 2 week trial you would like a personal playlist, then contact Michelle for a chat. (There is absolutely no obligation to continue and you won't be emailed from Higher Health unless you realise QBT's potential and you'd like to become a member).

Higher Health needs your help. Join me in raising Consciousness around the Globe.
I think most would agree that the world needs a lot of help right now! So I am gifting another very special playlist to help get you, your families, friends and our communities to assist in bringing Harmony to the world. The division is far too visible and most people have now witnessed the effects. Remember, "Frequencies are Energy" and energy travels far and wide. We all need to maintain our energetic fields and continue to keep our own vibrations high so that we can do what we are here to do. You can play this wherever you go to literally dissolve and transmute all the "Indoctrination, Fear, Anxiety and Division" of those around you to help push through the vail and raise our vibrations. I think we'd also all agree that people are needing their cognizance back...So I have decided to gift the "Divine Global Healing Playlist" with every new trial to those who enquire.

This is not only a very special gift, this is a Blessing to you and humanity! QBT is a new technological tool to awaken the infinite potential of your Soul's Journey to Higher Health, from your DNA and beyond.

* Lifting the vail of illusion * Transmuting Negative Effects from Earthbound Programing and Coercion * Healthy Global Awareness * Unraveling Ego Attachments * Realignment of Human Connection * Love & Relationships * Cancelling Poverty and Financial Strain * Global Enlightenment * Unity Consciousness and Peace * Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit * Stimulating Global Immunity * Healing Earths Chakras and Ley Lines - Opened, Energized and Protected * Feed the Hungry * Cancel Poverty * Cancel Physical Violence *...and much much more

My hope is that we can share such an important and necessary tool for change, to help us as one, speed up humanities Great Awakening and to assist us all in this shift to more harmonious communities around world.

Imagine if everyone had the Quanta Capsule and played Harmonising Frequencies wherever you went?

With this Divine Global Healing Frequency playlist, together we can be waking people up from their confusion and slumber, giving them more clarity of mind, detoxing their energetic fields, decalcifying Pineal Glands, but most importantly, dissolving the fear and bringing more love and compassion to our world.

Once your trial expires, you can contact Michelle here at Higher Health for a one on one Consultation to have your personalised Frequencies sent to your App, for whatever it is you would like to work on. We will work together to peel back the layers from for example; old injuries or a long-lived (Chronic) Disease or acute illness or pain? You may like to work on clearing outdated and unwanted belief systems from the decades of programming we have been exposed too? Maybe you are not sleeping well? You have food / environmental allergies? Do you have past or present Sporting Injuries? or adverse effects from Vaccinations or Shedding? You may simply wish to attract more money and abundance in your life or a wonderful new relationship.........

There is a long list of Biofeedback libraries pertaining to many different health issues to work on with you. To see some of these, you can click on the Button below:

Yes! I would Love My Free Trial

Start your Journey with Higher Health here

PLEASE NOTE: When prompted to enter an email from Insight Health Apps during the downloading of your Quanta Capsule, please use your own personal email that you will be using on your hand-held device for this app. This should be the same email used to login. Use an easy '8' digit password. After uploading your voice and picture through your QC dashboard, you use higherhealthnz@gmail.com so that your uploads can be received.

Higher Health Quanta Capsule Memberships

There’s nothing worse than subscribing to something and not having any support, so for those choosing from ANY of Higher Health's Quanta Capsule playlists you will be offered trustworthy and consistent support throughout your Journey to Higher Health.

Health, happiness and abundance in every area of our lives is why we are all here and most likely why you have found yourself here at Higher Health. Especially in these times, we are all finding ourselves out of Balance! At Higher Health you will be taken on a very special transformational experience in a way that is new to almost all of us. Results are often instant, so enjoy the surprise! (be sure to check out the testimonials).

It's Quantum with a Twist!!! and it's all about YOU!

Exciting things are here right now and if you want to have some fun on your journey, then this is just the beginning of what is possible for you and your loved ones to enjoy Higher Health & Well-Being in every sense of the words MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.

It starts right here with you learning not only about your own health, but taking responsibility with excitement, ease, grace and joy. You are guaranteed to feel inspired and encouraged as these vibrational frequencies boost you with a healthy dose of optimism taking the gloom out of the doom. It's so easy, so pleasant, you won't want to be with out your daily dose.....!

Awakening to the new way to transformation

Lets keep our vibrations high

Choose to have your personal playlist sent as you need for $50 per Playlist or choose from the list for specific Frequencies for $30 per Playlist

Check out what Higher Health clients have experienced using Quantum Biofeedback frequencies........

I suffered from chronic constipation for many years and after 15 minutes of running my frequencies and 2 months later, I haved remained regular every day. Michelle said the Quanta capsule would also help my debilitating arthritis. In one session, I have no pain and have full use of my hands after years of suffering. This is amazing technology without a doubt! Thank you Michelle.


Auckland, NZ

I would highly recommend the quanta capsule to anyone interested in sound healing. It has worked wonders for me. I was prescribed "The Will to Live" for my mental health and I felt the change almost immediately. I am more motivated and content after listening to the frequencies.


Wellington, NZ

Getting walked though the Quanta Capsule by Michelle was a very easy and fascinating experience. After a series of emotional, physical & spiritual scans, Michelle created a frequency playlist suited to different areas of my personal health, stresses and energy field. I listen to my frequency playlist twice a day for 20 minutes each - after every session I felt centered & equanimous, it was quite surprising and I would be in a very peaceful headspace, ready to carry out whatever actions I needed to take throughout the rest of the day. I would highly recommend Michelle and her knowledge of the quanta capsule to anybody looking for balancing and harmonization of mind, body, spirit.

Brendon. T

Auckland, NZ

Dearest Michelle…it is with deepest gratitude that I write this testimonial to both your Homeopathic work and the great benefits I have received from your Biofeedback frequencies which have resulted in the disappearance of my skin irritation and helped bring balance to my energies. I will definitely continue to enjoy the ongoing benefits of this program.

Many thanks…Gail


Christchurch, NZ

On this ever beautiful journey of self-healing I came across the Genius Quantum Biofeedback resonating frequencies with Michelle. The proof has been very evident in my own sadhana, this clearing of connections that relates to humanity, the earth, the universe and anything that is not on our path to self-illumination. This patterning (our samskaras) that keeps repeating though individuality and as a human race is able to be adjusted with tones and if the tones are of the highest frequency then this has a positive effect in the field of existence. As a healer myself I now have an awareness that with the work I do sometimes gives a push back from energies of lower frequencies and this requires me to be diligent in many areas of my life. The solfeggio tones are fantastic for recalibrating and giving myself a good ole house clean at a very deep level. This ensures I keep my “oxygen mask” on so I can continue to help others and make a difference in Love, Light and Peace.

Three of us then came together to work with Michelle for a specific project of this Love, Light and Peace and collectively it has and is helping very much to give our small part within the much bigger collective, a good foundation of this Power of Love.

Thank you Michelle.


South Island, NZ

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