Energetic Recalibration and Coding

Most people ask me, “What do I call the energy work that I do?”

Throughout my understanding and early learning, Homeopathy (Energy Medicine) does not necessarily require the labels continuously coined for diseases, disorders and illnesses. Labels are not necessary to be able to effectively stimulate the body to heal symptoms of disease. It is widely documented to have the profound life-changing results for so many people. It is because of this that labels have become less and less important to me (although still very relevant and are never dismissed during any consultation). I have had enough experience through working with clients or patients Homeopathically and the Subtle Energy work that I do, without the need to treat specific disease labels.

I could use Reiki, Quantum Healing, or other well known, trending labels for this particular energy work, but because this gift I have has not been learned through any academic studies, I prefer to keep it simple and term my work as "Subtle Energy Healing".

It is purely an innate part of who I am. When I work with people energetically, I can feel their energy and see the colours and sense vibrations throughout the chakras, subtle bodies or energy vortexes. Sounds frequencies and or mantra (words which are sounds) may also be used.

Subtle Energy is a complex set of bio or subtle fields, channels and bodies that create the human being. It is important to know that these fields, while seemingly surrounding the human body, also interpenetrate it. Everything in the world is made of energy which is information that vibrates. Because we are actually composed of fields, as is the world, we have to see ourselves as interconnected rather than self-sustaining. We are constantly involved in change within, even as we shape and reshape our lives and the world. Every cell in the body and every thought generates a field. Every energy body, meridian and chakra pulses its own field which occupies more space or anti-space than our physical selves. These energy fields are not separate from the mechanical or measurable fields, rather, they occupy a space and run at frequencies that cannot be perceived except through their effects they produce on physical energies.

When the flow of the "Life Force Energy" is disrupted, weakened or blocked, emotional or health problems tend to occur. Imbalances can be caused from many situations occurring in our lives, such as: emotional or physical trauma, injury, negative thoughts and feelings, including fear, worry, doubt, anger, anxiety, negative self-talk, toxicity, nutritional depletion, destructive lifestyle and relationships, neglect of self and lack of love for oneself or others, from other emotions that are not expressed in a healthy way, whether we are aware of them or not.

DNA - The Codes of Light

Unique to each person, DNA is like a fingerprint or blueprint of the body. It is our unique genetic information which is housed in the nucleus of every cell in the form of Chromosomes (long strands of DNA molecules). Each Subtle energy structure interrelates with light, internally and externally. DNA responds to and reacts with the various electromagnetic frequencies found in the body's field of light. Sound alike regulates the the sending and receiving of energy. The physical body relies on light for health.

I am very much inspired by the teachings by - Bruce Lipton PH.D. - Cellular Biologist, researcher, lecturer and author. His study and knowledge on Quantum Physics the science of epigenetics are vast. Dr. Joe Dispenza. - Bachelor of Science degree and Doctor of Chiropractic. His post graduate training includes the fields of neuroscience and neuroplasticity, quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) measurements, epigenetics, mind-body medicine, and brain/heart coherence. Dr. Joe is also a researcher, lecturer, author. Gregg Braden is an honored pioneer who is awakening, inspiring and empowering humanity, a forward-thinker who catalyzes positive change through mediums such as talks, books, research and courses – and who has also shared his messages, wisdom and knowledge through film, contributing to the rising and ever-powerful movement in conscious cinema. Judy Satori, Author, Ascension teacher and activator of human potential is also someone I adore and hold in the highest regard! I have been honored to have grown and learned from Judy's teachings on my journey, attending many workshops and retreats with her over the past 20 years. (you can enjoy their teachings via their official websites, You Tube or their many published books).

My work is usually hands off, but when I feel the need too or am guided to work hands on, then I do so with equally effective results. Depending on who I am working with and what that person is open too, I also work with spirit. I will always ask for permission from you first. Energy work with me can take anywhere from 30 mins to 60 mins per session and then depending on what we are working on; anything from -

  • Clearing Past Life Emotional Trauma,
  • Auric field and Chakra Balancing / Recalibration.
  • Negative Entities / attachments to the physical body, or if a clearing or banishment of entities is required in the home, then we can arrange for me come to you.
  • Any physical ailments such as Spinal injuries / Crushed vertebrae / Nerve damage; 3 sessions can result in profound and speedy recovery.
An Aura Vision photo revealing my guides taken in my teenage years.

It was all training for my future. Remembering was the key.

When I was a young child, around 10 / 11 years of age, I remember a time where I went somewhere else momentarily, like I was in some kind of time warp. What happened just prior to this was that I had this intense feeling come over me, of grief, sadness and suffering. It felt very foreign to me, but at the same time I was able to somehow understand / relate to the emotions in these feelings even though I had no idea where they came from. I was unaware of any conscious concerns in my present reality, although it felt like at the time, that I was energetically a part of the pain of the world, yet I seemed to be completely detached.  I then proceeded to raise both my arms upwards, with the palms of both of my hands facing the heavens. I remember saying with pure heartfelt intent, passion and a fair degree of volume……

“I wish I could just heal the world!”

I then lowered my arms and looked down at both palms of my hands and reflected for a few moments at what had just happened and how I felt so deeply connected to my words. Then, I forgot all about it...... for years! It was as if that momentary scene in my life that day, had shown me something about myself, imprinting something that was tucked away only to be shown again to me some years later.

My family had all experienced various spiritual phenomena and we were all very open in discussions relating to our experiences we often shared together. To me it was very intriguing, exciting and always sparked the curiosity as a young child. My memories of the past are still very vivid. I can still see myself sitting in the background collecting my thoughts and stashing them away in a matrix of safe and appropriate places. I was always quietly observing everyone and everything around me. Always pondering the actions and words of my fellow humans and sometimes wrathful existence of nature in this world and as it seemed then, in other worlds.

As a youngster, I spent much of my time alone, even though I had 3 siblings and plenty of fun family time, I did find myself very alone much of the time. I always felt separate from the other kids at school and different from my peers. I was always a quiet-observer and was often made fun of, was picked on and sometimes bullied. I don't think it was because I looked at times like a tom-boy when my mum cut all my hair short and proceeded to carefully cellotape my fringe to get the perfect line across my forehead, 2 inches above my eyebrows! Wearing shorts and T-shirt really didn't help my cause back then. I wasn't one of those cool kids who had a ton of friends. I had one or two friends however I was more focused on music, sports, arts and creativity. Animals were always a huge part of family life and for me, my most important priority. My bedroom was always an open jungle playground of plants for my fur and feathered friends.                                                                                                            

My senses have always been astute, such as in waking from very vivid dreams knowing you had actually just been there, like I had just stepped through the Lion and the Witch's Wardrobe. On waking from dreams, I bought through the smell of foods like grapes for instance or of animals, city or country smells from different era's in time, from lands far away. Many of my dreams over life have all been like this and have held many answers for me.

It wasn’t really until my mid- late 20’s that I noticed my sensitivities changing. Many people may probably relate to my experiences but a couple of examples are that of my intuition and clairvoyance, in that they were both enhancing to the point I could feel or intuit thoughts and feelings of others and feel or sense their energy before actually meeting with them. When I closed my eyes, I could see energy as colour, I could see and feel the colours of sound vibrations. I was so busy travelling and living life prior to this, that I really didn’t tap into this side of who I was and never felt the need to question what I was experiencing as it was normality to me.

From 15 years of age until present, my life has been whole-heartedly working with and caring for children, crippled and or autistic children, families, kindergartens, play-centres, schools and numerous coaching jobs for club and school sports. I have been a Nanny overseas and here in NZ on and off for 30 years, either side of raising my two daughters and mastering my 25-year long relationship with Homeopathy (energy medicine) and the Energy Healing work.

We are embodied in a physical cosmos and we have our bill to pay to physical existence, no matter what we sign up for.

I was previously in blended family situations (yes, 2 of them). Both were incredible learning situations for everyone involved, especially myself as the last relationship I landed myself in turned out to be an absolute horror story!! I was in the prime of my life. Everything was going perfectly well, I was a happy, busy, motivated single mum. I had so much love and joy in every area of my life, then BAM! Along came a narcissistic monster! A very scary and dangerous one! The next 4 and a half years of my life were ‘extremely’ testing and fearful situations for me. I am incredibly grateful for my Homeopathic treatment throughout these horrific times where I managed to sneak in a consultation or two for myself. These consultations and prescribed remedies helped keep my sanity, keep me grounded and focused so that I could strive to get myself out of this unforeseen situation, and most importantly, alive. It turned out after 3 unsuccessful attempts to leave, I needed assistance from the Police and Women’s Refuge to get me out safely.              

I still count myself so very lucky as over this time I have had other women come to me for homeopathic consultations who weren’t so lucky. Some of them had been in their domestically violent relationships / marriages for 20+ years. Some of them still held onto the consequential trauma remaining years after breaking free from abusive relationships, in which Homeopathy was able to dig deep to the core to enable these women to move on with a sense of "the new me".

Everything within this experience and those that happened following is what I see as a part of the framework or training if you like, for where I am right now, and the skills I have attained through the deep soul searching and work I have done within were not just for the betterment of my soul’s life journey in this time on earth, but for those whom also need help and assistance in the areas where there has been trauma, physical and emotional abuse, issues around feeling worthless, being used, rejected, abandoned, bullied, etc.   

It’s all connected, your gifts, your circumstances, your purpose, your imperfections, your journey, your destiny. It’s molding you and I believe is there for us to embrace.  

Working alongside children, who are all 'of the light' on this planet is also a strength of mine. Children have always been drawn to me and I to them. They melt me! They seem to know I am one of those people who is here to be present and holding the love and the light the world needs to thrive, heal and survive the sometimes harsh realities that we are born unto. When at social gatherings you can always find me off with the children teaching and entertaining them the simple joys in life like playing musical instruments, dancing, drumming circles, art, discovering nature and it's amazing creatures etc. Sort of an automatic baby-sitter!

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Children are just so real, authentic, accepting and are willing to have fun. Whether they are shy, withdrawn or outgoing and sometimes hyperactive / ADHD, all enjoy being encouraged to learn which is sometimes just yearning to emerge from new experiences. The gifts these little things we can do for our children are so uplifting for their souls and it brings me so much joy and gratitude to be a part of their experiences. I have learned so much from every child I have crossed paths with and my wish is for all adults to remember we are all in this together and to embrace all they have to offer us.

I highly recommend Michelle and her services for anyone who is not feeling 100% themselves. I had fantastic results after my treatment. Having never seen a homeopath before and having tried almost everything under the sun, I didn't know what to expect.  I went to Michelle because I felt this weight on me and an anger and sadness that was constantly there lurking and holding me down. Michelle made me feel safe and comfortable to unleash my life's story. Michelle subscribed the perfect remedy to help me be me again. She also gave me some energy healing which was an unexpected and welcome surprise that gave me an extra boost and release. Thank you, Michelle, for giving me back some balance and passion for life again at such an affordable price and time frame.

G. Celeste. Auckland

Remedy - Hippocampus Kuda / Yellow seahorse.

I can't wait to meet you!

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