Manu, the Pigeon with 2 broken legs

I am forever blown away with what Energy Healing / Quantum Biofeedback Therapy can achieve!....and in such a short time frame!

This is the story about a Pigeon who had been most likely tangled and caught up somewhere when battered around in a recent storm. We will call her Manu (meaning "bird" in the Maori language). Manu is one of a dozen pigeons who live on my dads property with her partner and family. Manu Turned up after a storm with both of her legs completely broken, her feet were twisted backwards and was unable to use either of them at all. She was in an absolute state! Her feet and toes looked as if they were snapped, crushed and all were all scrunched up (possibly with the pain) and sticking out all over the place. She was missing one toe completely on the same foot where her back toe was permantly bent under her foot.

We couldn't really see what real damage had been done, but it looked bad! My father and I both thought it was only a matter of time, as she hadn't improved at all over the past few weeks and we couldn't get anywhere near enough to her to catch her. We really didn't think she would survive without use of both legs and feet. However after a couple more weeks of distant visits, Manu returned daily for food and water and with gentle coaxing she would continue to rely on grain and seed from us, but would only eat when we kept our distance or when we were out of her sight. She was understandably very scared, timid and vulnerable....To watch her land in such pain and awkwardness was absolutely heartbreaking! You could see the discomfort as she fluttered around only cm's from the ground, trying to reach her seeds and then to stay in a stable pain-free position to rest.

With all the other birds being fed regularly, she also had to compete for food. She could only use her wings to get anywhere centimeters at a time and for short bursts. Because of the pain she was in Manu often missed out. We soon got a system going to feed the other birds further away so we could get a handful about 6 feet away from Manu. It wasn't long before she trusted us to get within about 3 or 4 feet from her without being scared off.

This now meant I was able to get close enough to zoom in and get a photo of her. She was unable to stand, so I needed to try to catch her in flight. I then scanned her and ran her personal playlist of Biofeedback Frequencies to see what I could do to help her. I had no voice harmonics/ coo'ing from her to add, as the algorithm's from the voice is 86% of the Algorithms designed for this system. We hadn't ever heard Manu's Coo' However, I had her picture and had nothing to lose!

Day 1 - Aura Image showing some beautiful bright areas, yet this also showed me some muddy and dull colours to work from.

On the second day she returned for more food and water. She came back to hang out a few times. She was just sitting on the wall about 10 feet away from where she usually comes for food. So taking advantage, I slowly and quietly placed the tablet with her playlist of frequencies running on the table. We left her there and came back to see something astonishing! Manu was not alone. We thought she had gone, but then realized Manu was sitting right next to the tablet playing the frequencies....and, with several other sparrows who were also gathered on the table, all lapping up the sound bath from the Quanta Capsule's Frequencies. There were even a couple of rabbits (it's an animal sanctuary here) sitting underneath the table. I'm kicking myself for not being able to take a photo. It was such a beautiful and inspiring sight! It really made my heart sing!

Later that day Manu arrived back with her partner who has been watching over her from a distance. He is now a little more trusting too and allows her to eat before himself. She seemed to be now using her left leg and can now extend her right leg a wee bit to take some weight, but only when she needs to move to reach the food.

Day 2 after QBT - I treated her mental and emotional states as well as the ligaments, nerves, joints, muscles and bones of her legs and feet.
Day 3 - Manu is now able to take a bit more weight on her left leg and her toes on her right foot are now facing forwards with straightened toes.
Day 4 - Manu now has full use of her left leg and is able to stand on it for longer lperiods of time.
Day 5 - What a sight to see! Manu now feeds with her partner and the other birdsand is getting around on both legs and feet. Manu is still unable to straighten her Right elbow, but we heard her happily Coo-ing for the first time!
Day 6 - Manu's Right shoulder and elbow seem to be the last remaining joint / bone (orange spot) that is a problem for her as seen here. Otherwise, Manu's aura is incredibly clear and vibrant.

Week two, and Manu is back again,. Her feathers are much brighter and shinier and she is now much happier and looking very well fed. Manu is now able to come in to land with more ease. I will keep running her frequencies for her shoulder joint, muscles and ligaments on her Right side, but it could be that her bone in her right leg has permanently set in a broken position. Time will tell. Manu now knows her name and comes when called. We still find her next to the tablet running frequencies. I think she's addicted!

6 weeks later and wow!, Manu is fully recovered! She is now able to walk with just a slight limp given that she is missing 2 toes on her left foot, with one being permanently tucked underneath abecause this is the same and only foot she was able to walk on at the start. her Right shoulder and ankle are now staight and strong. She is almost eating out of my hand!

I never would have imagined that she would continue to heal like she has. For a bird who had absolutely no use of both legs for 4 weeks before the start of her treatment and with them both being broken, twisted, bent backwards and mangled from the shoulders to her toes, she is now able to get around, defend herself and live life like before her accident.

What a thrill to see such healing using Biofeedback frequencies!

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