Michelle's History and Experiences with working with Children

Apart from being an older sibling and a very keen baby-sitter in my early years, my work with children spans over 40 years. After retiring from competitive gymnastics, I went on to work as a National Gymnastics Coach for Girls Grade 7. During this time, I found an additional job as a Teacher-Aid support with the Wilson Home Trust. A School for physical and mental disabilities. My training was focusing on literacy, numeracy, communication skills and the Key Competencies, supporting social skills, physical skills and independence.

~ This then led to me training in Early Childhood learning and development at an Auckland company, Kiddies Incorporated Ltd. My love for children then saw me venturing off to America as a Full time Nanny and then the same back here in New Zealand to continue my passion in childcare.

~ After becoming a first-time mother, I intuitively went into studying Nutrition, Natural Health and Medicine. This is where with successful prescribing with use of Homeopathy for my family, friends and community, inspired me to take on a 4-year National Diploma In Homeopathy and a 3-year Medical Science Course, with ongoing seminars and study groups to expand and futher my knowledge.

~ During this time, I now had two beautiful children to raise and when my second child started school, I decided to facilitate my own business Called "Kaukapakapa DMD Club" for preschoolers, as this is what I saw was lacking and much needed in my community. A Dance, Music and Drama Club for pre-schoolers. The focus was to stimulate creative expression, learning through freedom and fun.

~ Throughout my children’s schooling, I emersed myself and my learned skills and knowledge from previous work at kindergartens and preschools as a parent helper. having being a very actively envolved in sports as a child and adult, I volunteered to coach all of their school sports through to 12 years of age, Gymnastics, Hockey, Touch Rugby and Netball.

~ Later on, my children and I experience life with a larger family of 5 children through our blended family environment. It seemed there was no limit to the flow of children in my life as they just kept coming!  With my previously aquired life-skills I had, it was more than obvious why I thrived on my love and passion for children.

~ As the children grew and started to find their own interests and friends, I was gifted more space and time to focus on my second passion, Homeopathy (Energy medicine) which has been nothing but reconfirming to me of its efficacy, value and place in today’s societies. I lectured at a couple of Auckland Colleges to students of sports and Physical Education classes on Homeopathy for first Aid and sporting injuries. I was also invited to speak at a college for nannies.

~ Next on my list was autism. I had witnessed the most incredible result from a case study during my own studies in 2002, that I swore… by the lump in my throat and the tears I was holding back in class that day, that this was why I had taken this journey! I witnessed a young autistic boy of 14 years of age (who barely looked 7 years old) take a single dose of a Homeopathic Remedy that changed his, his mothers and his sister's lives forever! (Not to mention every student in the class that day!). 

This young boy was unable to speak any words or follow any instructions. He showed no emotions and just sat there dribbling with the odd ugg’s’ come out of his mouth. This is all too common with Low spectrum Autistic children and very much reminded me of my work at the Wilson Home School when I was 17. As he sat in between his mother and his older sister, he was given a remedy, it was only moments later that the Homeopaths room erupted with commotion, laughter, astonishment, hugs and tears! This young boy, smiled for the first time since before his inocculation 13 years prior. His mother and sister were laughing the roof off this clinic with utter joy! This was the unlocking to where this young boy's Vital-Force had been blocked practically his entire life! Just One Dose! His story and progress were followed up every 3 to 4 weeks and many more amazing things happened in this boy’s progression, however, this is the Boy who inspired me to work with Autism using Homeopathy.

 ~ Feeling so inspired with what I had witnessed, I took on a year’s work with a family who had approached me after giving a talk to the Asperger’s and Autism Parents Support Group on Auckland’s North Shore. They had a 4-year-old boy with Low Spectrum Autism.

I worked very closely with them each week. We both kept diaries, monitoring and documenting every significant moment every day. Treating Autism is very different to treating someone who doesn’t have intellectual blockages. Lack of normal bodily functions and patterns often accompany Autism. Their sensitivities lay elsewhere, so the remedy, potency and dosage were even more closely monitored and altered accordingly. The results were apparent just days after the first dose was given, and thereafter, the boys cognition, awareness, behaviours, speech and conscious intellectual activity returned. My entire involvement working with this boy and his family was definitely confirmation of all my prior learnings, study and experiences that Homeopathy was a miraculous healing modality that must be kept alive and shared far and wide!

~ 2020 came along, and for many was a very scary and turbulent time in history, especially the new mothers bringing in their new babies to a chaotic unknowing time. At the time, I was contracting as a part-time nanny for the Ministry of Health's Maternity department. My job was to care for trauma birth babies whilst their mamma's sat in on a course for them to deal with being a new mum and the births they experienced. All I can really say, is that I am so very grateful to have been able to work with these wee souls and that my connections and experiences with them were very timely blessings!

~ My own energetic healing capabilities have been enhanced throughout my life and with further studies and interest in Quantum Physics and Biochemistry, they have melded effortlessly to compliment the work I do and now,  Quantum Biofeedback Frequencies has now earned accolade in my work as more and more people open their minds to the possibilities and capabilities of healing using Energy medicine and resonance Frequencies. My clients’ experiences and outcomes are extremely reassuring, heartening and super inspirational to me! I am so grateful and excited to see the positive changes for others and the healing that is being achieved on this level.

My dreams and hopes are simple, in that I hope the minds of many are able to expand in the vastness of the infinite potential of the Quantum Energy, available for us all.