Building Immunity - using Homeopathy for the Entire Family

By michelleboyle
January 27, 2021

By boosting the body’s immune system, homeopathy can help improve a person’s susceptibility to illness and infection.

Most cold and flu-like infections resolve on their own without help. Homeopathic treatment can nevertheless help the body overcome the infections more quickly and with milder symptoms than you would otherwise get.

Keep in mind that when you do go to the doctor’s office, they are going to “highly recommend” the only tool they have to work with – ANTIVIRAL DRUGS.

Antivirals have many serious side effects including lowering your immune system and with prolonged use can cause such depletion of your bodies ability to function, leading to death. In fact, most people who die from influenza or pneumonia infections don’t die from the disease themselves. They either die from dehydration or from drug side effects (the latter being most common). On the other hand, homeopathic drugs are totally safe, proven effective in 1000’s of research studies (and more than 220 yrs of clinical practice) and are cheap!